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Pioneers need to put their focus on what comes next. We are here to take the communication challenges that must to be solved now.

Video Production
& Interactive

With our in-house video production, we simplify complex technological topics to make them understandable and transparent. A huge asset when communicating internally or externally. Animated, 3D, remote recorded, or filmed by our video crews on site, depending on the goal. Always on the way to new paths: we link video with web development like hardly any other agency.

Presentation Ninjas

Unique ideas, innovative products, complex company results - when attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, the presentation decides all the more whether and how something is perceived. We are one of the few agencies with a dedicated team. For our clients we design over 20,000 slides in meaningful presentation templates every year, and also support them directly on site and side by side in critical phases.

Concepts & Design

Social media? Home turf. Classic media is dead? Not for us. Because we passionately believe that there will be numerous areas even in the future where classic communication makes a significant contribution. Adverts, brochures, and elaborate folders are part of our daily business. We create synergies between both worlds, for example through interactive documents and infographics.

Web Development

Cloud-based web services, websites, apps, or APIs for data processing: we love to develop straightforward solutions that'll wow you. Unknown systems, new frameworks, complex background processes – nothing can shock us. There is always a way to find for our friends.


We are the only agency that reveals (almost) nothing about what we've been working on.
Our commitment to trust outweighs any desire to boast or showcase our projects.

Nevertheless, a few impressions of how our friendship has helped others:

Did someone call the Presentation Ninjas?

Did someone call the Presentation Ninjas?

Who said it was a good use of time for sales teams to work on design details, fighting with master slides and formatting?
It is rumored that our PowerPoint teams know the software better than Microsoft itself. That's why we have dedicated teams for some clients. Working side by side with the team, either virtually, or at the same desk. Especially when it comes to RFPs and proposals, there is nothing better than real-time collaboration.
We are the guardians of their design guidelines, and at the same time, we develop quick ideas on how to communicate bids or internal positions with pinpoint accuracy. Even overnight: our own graphics team in Colombia takes over when needed back in the morning.

SharePoint | PPT | Web Dev
How automatically generate PPTs with SharePoint?

How to generate presentations with SharePoint automatically?

SharePoint is known for a lot of things, but not for being able to create seamless visual experiences. Our web development team extended our client's internal SharePoint to have an overview of important KPIs at any time, based on Excel data. For their weekly sales meeting with the executives, we developed an automatic PowerPoint export function, ready to present. Bye-bye screenshots and copy-paste data chaos.

Video | Concept | Design
How to create a video series if (almost) nothing is ready?

How to create a video series when nothing is ready (yet)?

The date is set, 15,000 employees have to be trained, communication has to start now – but the software doesn't even exist yet? A familiar situation. This needs Macherdenken! With our client, we created a weekly video series for the onboarding process by using stories the audience could relate to, built mockups, thought ahead, and linked the experts' input with our stories. Overall, it was a well-received contribution to the successful rollout.

Video | Concept | Design
How to use interactive video in public services?

Interactive video series concept for public services

As a pioneer in federal administration, video requirements and policies can be a challenge. But at the same time, the medium can show off its great versatility: we managed to integrate interaction, multiple languages, accessibility (WCAG), subtitles and even sign language into our videos. For this, we developed a dedicated player – all within a few days, as a proof of concept was needed quickly.

Live Stream | Video | Events
How can large hybrid teams meet sustainably?
camera crew

How can large hybrid teams meet sustainably?

Coming together as a team is more important than ever before. When teams are spread around the world, sustainability becomes a key factor. Our client planned a day of networking, learning and inspiration: for over 5,000 employees. We brought them together in a hybrid event, with only a minimum of technology. It took place in seven locations with live streaming and interaction across Europe. Each location has its own workshops and talks. And of course, with a big party at the end! Of which – you guessed it – we can show: nothing. ;-)

Personalized Video | Web Dev | SaaS
How to reduce workload of sales teams with generated videos?
Graphic with place name sign from Bonstetten. The town can be seen in the background.

How to reduce workload of sales teams with generated videos?

Would you rather read a nine-page PDF or watch a short video that explains your individual data and is generated specifically for you?
We have developed a real-time video engine that does just that. For various clients, we turned questions into stories, PDFs into videos, and call center calls into short in-video interactions. In those projects, we play to all our strengths. We combine storytelling and design with app development.

Print | Presentation | Video | Concept
How to create brochures, presentations, and sales kits through a short interview?

How to create brochures, presentations, and sales kits through a short interview?

New products are ready to launch, now the sales teams needed a complete kit to get them started. Like our “Thought Leadership Supercharger” Program, we always try to make the most of our given time with the subject matter experts.
For a large IT company, we started each product kit with a video interview, that was not just a briefing, but already a first piece of content. From there, we developed a variety of content assets in parallel – For print, presentation, video and more. With a tight schedule for over 30 products with individual business leads and experts.

Video | Event | Concept
How to engage social media at a trade show?

How to engage social media at a trade show?

Hannover Messe is not just a trade fair, for pioneers it is where magic happens. There is so much to see and even more to talk about.
Almost every year, we supported our clients with camera crews, interviews, graphics, and on-site and overnight editing for a super quick turnaround of social media content. We had a blast!

fair entrance
Video | Event | Concept
How to gather millions for sports licenses – at highest security level?

How to gather millions for sports licenses – at highest security level?

Who will be the next TV station to broadcast the games of one of the biggest sports leagues in Europe? The auction takes place behind locked doors. Our client needed a solution that enabled secure bidding and could analyze the factors involved – no servers, everything offline, no data leaving the room.
We took on the challenge, and with a lot of Macherdenken, we developed a solution with scripted spreadsheets that did just that. Super easy to use and not interceptable on the network.

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